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Our Story


One Species is apparel fighting extinction, one species at a time. Every piece of clothing represents an endangered species. We donate 10% of profits to a specific, tangible project working to protect that species. To do this, we partner with wildlife conservation organizations working on impactful projects.

Did you know? We're currently in the "The 6th Great Extinction". It's as bad as it sounds. We think this is pretty uncool. At this point, the only way to preserve what we have left is to create massive social change. Sound impossible? We don't think so, and that's where you come in.

This isn't just about cool clothing, this is about saving our planet's most vulnerable species. And maybe in the long term, about saving ourselvesˆtoo. 

Sound cool? Cool.

We deliberately look for, select and introduce one species at a time. We do this for the following reasons:

  1. To pinpoint key species that are under significant threat of extinction
  2. To learn about and work with the conservation organization that we partner with
  3. To show the species in its natural habitat and the condition of its environment
We travel around the world in "Search of the Next Species". We believe in real action and real interaction.

We just returned from the search for the next species in British Columbia and Belize. You can follow the journey in the most recent video series (see below) and on our blog here. What species do you think will be next? What species should be next?

We donate 10% of our profits to impactful projects working to protect each endangered species.

A big part of what we do is tell amazing stories. Stories about:

  1. Badass wildlife heroes! We want to showcase their hard work and help them with on-the-ground projects (in the jungles climbing trees, in the oceans swimming with the sharks, etc.).
  2. The growing One Species community. We're running wild around the world. Want in? Join our ambassador program.

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Elena Jean

I was that kid that played with worms - you know, the one that boys ran away from. I loved all wildlife, big and small, creepy, crawly AND cute! My Dad (the dude with the sweet mullet below) worked at a zoo. I was inspired by him, and I grew up idolizing NatGeo, Steve Irwin and David Attenborough.

When I grew up, I discovered that most people just didn't care about the wild world the same way I did. At first, I couldn't understand this.

We're in the midst of the greatest extinction crisis since the dinosaurs. We've got to save this planet, and the only way we're going to do that is by getting people to care. Action doesn't happen without motive.

How do you make people care about something?

One Species is answering that with a resounding: "make it mainstream".


Together, We're making wildlife conservation really cool.

Join me and a global team of wildlife heroes. We mean business.

You learn more about me here.

We're now working full-time
to make this company and community become a reality. Want in? We want to hear from you. Email us at

In other news:

  1. Our campaign for the Antillean Manatee is in full force, go check out the collection!
  2. We're just got back from Victoria, BC, to meet our first partner Cetus and track orcas.
  3. We've now got a rockin' spider monkey collection.
  4. Otherwise, we're currently on the "Search For The Next Species". You can follow along our journey with our Youtube Channel! 

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