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Help Us Inspire Thousands to Fight Extinction!

June 10, 2017

Help Us Inspire Thousands to Fight Extinction!

Go to our Gofundme campaign here:

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We're a growing army of young wildlife conservationists. We partner with smaller, impact-driven organizations working on the ground to preserve critically endangered species.

A key objective of this brand is to build and support a community of conservationists via our unique international ambassador program. In addition to constructing a unique brand, One Species is connecting people worldwide with the aim of building a strong community that shares a common goal - fighting extinction.

To raise funds for our partners One Species sells sustainable apparel online to customers around the world. Each collection of clothing represents a particular endangered species, and 10% of each sale goes towards a respective project. Moreover, One Species meets with its partners in the field to personally witness their work, ensuring your money contributes directly to tangible causes.

This request is in favour of the endangered southern resident killer whales (SRKW). Only 78 individuals remain, all of which actually belong to an extended 'family' group comprising three distinct pods. One Species' first ever partner, Cetus Research & Conservation Society, requires specialised equipment to continue their monitoring work of this species (and others) in order to protect the reamaining few.

Cetus operates off the coast of British Columbia where they promote marine conservation issues, engage with fishermen and federal governments to promote safe practices, and monitor marine life and human disturbance with the aim of limiting impacts to wildlife (e.g. SRKW).

At the end of June a team of six from the One Species community will be travelling to Vancouver to meet with Cetus. We will be personally introduced to the work Cetus are undertaking to help conserve the SRKW, and we will be creating a documentary series to bridge the gap between the public and this conservation issue. The goal is to continue to educate and build a growing wildlife conservation community.

Being a wildlife charity, Cetus is dependent upon its volunteers and supporters/donors e.g. One Species...and you! Engagement with the public is at the centre of conservation; promoting current issues, obtaining support, educating the public on caring for their planet, and connecting people with their environment. Without this work conservation organizations wouldn't succeed; this task is just as important, if not more so, than the hands on work conservationists carry out in the field. We rely on your support to help us conserve these species.

Your donations will go towards travel, accommodation, and equipment costs. 10% of all donations and any funds raised above $10,000 will be donated directly to the charity. Your support will assist the work Cetus is carrying out, enable One Species to promote the charity and the plight of the remaining 78 southern resident killer whales, and will enable us to continue building a vital conservation community, namely the next generation of conservationists who we desperately need to ensure the longevity of conservation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this request, and for any support you can provide to make this trip a reality!

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